How to plan your DJ sets?


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, BOOM!
How many times have you gone to a night club on a Saturday night
The night is young, people are starting to arrive
and you ask yourself



I remember asking my friends this question many times, well, before I knew how to DJ properly anyway.
To answer the question above …well actually, he is not gonna play that sh#* all night, but until more people come in there is really no point in dropping the latest bomb on the dance floor at 10:00 PM. At night when the dance floor is almost empty.
It’s just too early, and no one is even there to enjoy it.
like, if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
but seriously, in my other blog post “How to Pick Tracks”, I mentioned the aspect of level 1, 2, and 3.
Very simple aspect that a DJ uses which is universally known as
A DJ has to program the night’s music (kinda in his or her head) so that he or she controls the energy, atmosphere, and drink sales of the club/bar he or she is playing at.
You have to know when you buy your music what level the track fall sunder, and what time of night to play the track as well.

Level 1

Tracks categorized under level one will have little to no vocals only small vocal snippets or small vocal samples. They will also be of a lower BPM, and have more of an easy (not so edgy) vibe. Try not to use music that is too edgy music in an empty room as it looks unprofessional to people walking in because they think the music is pumping and no one is there, and they will almost always say” Let’s get out of here” … Instead, use music that is welcoming and easier on the ears, to let people know the night is just starting…

Level 2

Tracks categorized under level 2 will have some vocals in them. But the vocals will be of a more groovy nature, and not so hypnotic as peak time progressive house. Beat and synths in Level 2 are not so dominant but still very danceable. Tracks with a great groove and good bass lines tend to let the people know that the party is starting and to expect more to come.

Level 3

Tracks categorized under level 3 are the main tracks in your arsenal. They are the tracks that you play when the party is packed and you want to make the girls and guys shake their asses. Tracks with large synth lines, and over the top vocals will work here. Later in the evening, as the night is coming to a close, make sure to play Level 2 tracks when you want the party to start to taper down, or keep hitting them with the Level 3 tracks but keep in mind that the DJ has to program the night so that the experience is a wave or a curve. Meaning, slow progression into the next level, ride the level, and make the crowd want it harder, then give it to them, ride that level and make them want it harder, until you feel they are satisfied. The choice is up to you, the DJ how you want to close the night, and essentially, it is up to the crowd, as they are they paying customers J
There is really not a one rule fits all to DJing, but, with all things equal, playing any form of House Music in a nightclub setting to a crowd of young adults, the formula above will work every time.
So Make sure the next time you are buying music to think about categorizing what level the tracks is; Level 1, 2, or 3.

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