Numark Mixtrack Platinum Review

Numark Mixtrack Platinum has been out on the market for quite some time now. It comes with quite a few unique features that have never appeared on budget controllers before. 

Mixtrack platinum is a good choice for beginners because of its simplicity. It has separate gain controls and filter controls, which makes mixing easier. It also has a LED display jog wheel that makes it easier to keep track of the music.

In this Numark Mixtrack Platinum review, I’ll give an in-depth explanation of its features, pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth your money.

A Brief Overview 

Mixtrack Platinum is one of the most popular entry-level controllers released by Numark. It has a low-enough price range that any beginner can get their hands on it. 

Even though it is a beginner tier controller, it has everything a standard DJ set needs. I love how so many features have been integrated into this compact model.

It is slightly larger compared to standard entry-level controllers, and all the buttons and pads are spread out quite nicely. It is almost a middle-ground between a beginner and a pro controller. The set-up on this thing could not be any easier. You just need to plug it in and play. 

It has the headphone jack at the bottom and a port for your mic at the front. The jack is a dual headphone jack that can connect two headphones at the same time., and the mic port has a mic knob for controlling its sound level. 

At the top, it has the RCA port for the master output. It also comes with a port for connecting your laptop directly.

The layout of the Mixtrack Platinum is very similar to other Serato DJ layouts. The crossfader is set at the bottom, and the channels are in the middle. 

The crossfader itself is quite loose so moving it is smooth. The easy movement comes at the cost of a bit of accuracy because I find its responsiveness a bit lacking.


Jog Wheel Screen

Numark Mixtrack Platinum is the first Mixtrack model that came with the LED Jog Wheels. It was the most defining feature of the Mixtrack Platinum at the time because no other entry-level controller had this feature. 

The screen at the center of the jog wheel displays all the track information of your current music. It isn’t that useful for a pro-DJ but It can significantly help beginners keep track of their music. 

Separate Gain, Filter and Effect Controls

Mixtrack Platinum has four-deck compatibility and separate gain, filter, and effect controls.  These knobs are placed at the top and their layout is fairly spacious. 

The overall layout of the Mixtrack Platinum is fairly spread out, so there is no cramping whatsoever. Even though there are separate knobs for all the controls, the deck doesn’t feel overburdened.

Large Pitch Faders

Mixtrack Platinum has a significantly larger pitch fader than regular entry-level controllers. It moves easily while also having enough resistance to offer great accuracy.

The pitch control on this thing is accurate to one-hundredth of a BPM, which is miles ahead of most other beginner controllers. It offers you enough control to almost compare to a pro set.

Touch Stripes

Mixtrack Platinum comes with two sets of touch stripes at the top. These are more control options that give you more creative freedom. 

The touch stripes are fairly basic compared to the ones on a Pro controller. However, it is exceedingly rare to be able to find them on budget controllers in the first place.


  • Visual Jog wheel
  • High-accuracy Pitch fader
  • Touch stripe support
  • Quad deck support
  • Separate Effect and gain knobs


  • Comes with intro software
  • No auxiliary input/output
  • Average crossfader responsiveness

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My Overall Thoughts 

When I first got the Mixtrack Platinum, I thought the all-plastic profile was a bit cheap. But Boy was I wrong on that one. 

It might be full plastic, but the whole thing is incredibly sturdy and light. It has a lot of space on it, so it does not feel cramped. The body is thin and compact so you could take it on the go like a laptop.

One of the best things about Mixtrack Platinum is that it lets you choose between separate and auto controls. 

Most of the beginner controllers have fixed gain, effects, and filer controls. Mixtrack Platinum, however, lets you control them separately, which gives a lot more creative freedom. But of course, You could choose to use them together too.

Initially, I found the jog wheels on this thing to be a bit strange. The Wheels are fine as they are, and they are quite smooth and responsive. 

However, there are LED displays at the center of the jog wheels that show track information. I’m more used to the traditional jog wheels, so I found them a bit uncanny, but after a while, I have come to love the convenience they offer.

The pitch sliders above the crossfader are a bit better. They are also easy to move, but they offer a lot more resistance. 

They are significantly more accurate than the crossfader. The master meter screen is between the pitch sliders. It is a LED display, and it accurately indicates the levels.

Overall the Mixtrack Platinum is a solid DJ controller for novices and even veterans DJs looking for a portable secondary device. 


I hope this Numark Mixtrack Platinum review has answered all your questions about the controller. I did my best to share my experience about using it. It is clean yet feature packed, making it an excellent option for beginners who are looking for some flexibility. 

You must keep in mind that it is an entry-level controller, so you can’t hope to do too much fancy stuff with it. For a beginner, it is hands down one of the best controllers out there.

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