Numark Scratch Review

If you are looking for a mixer for around $500, you must be puzzled by so many options in the market. Finding the best mixer in a market full of options is not easy. But here, in this article, I am going to talk about such a good mixer that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

The Numark Scratch is an entry-level DVS mixer that can be used both by professionals and newbies. The mixer provides great value against its competitors and is recommended for almost everyone in the music industry. 

But why take my word for it when you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s the right DJ controller for you. And to help you do that, in this article, I will talk extensively on Numark Scratch including its features, pros, and cons. So, keep on reading till the end.

A Brief Overview

The Numark Scratch has a metal chassis and a sturdy build quality. Although it’s not very heavy, I am sure it is able to handle some pressure. 

There are three hardware parts of this mixer. First of all, the audio controls cover almost 40% of the mixer. In the middle, 20% of the hardware is dedicated to the Serato DJ Pro controls. The rest 40% in the bottom is faders.

Numark has given a lot of attention to the crossfader in the Scratch. The performance is smooth and I should say, it’s more than enough at this budget. The fader is soldered in the motherboard which makes it difficult to upgrade. 

However, after seeing the build quality and the performance, you won’t want to upgrade the innofader in years for sure.

In these years, RGB has been quite a choice of people in all of the components they buy. Nevertheless, the performance pads of the Numark Scratch are not fully RGB. Two of them are colored red, and the rest of them are black. 

The combination of black and red looks aesthetic but you know, this generation loves colors, so it might not be a choice for everyone.


Serato DJ Pro Included

The Numark Scratch includes a DVS License for the Serato DJ Pro. If you don’t know already what this is, the Serato DJ Pro is a professional DJ software. Unlike the open-source free software solutions, this program is used by top DJs all over the world.

4 Performance Pads

I know you have not expected a performance pad on such a budget. But the Numark Scratch includes four of them with easier control than the other choices in the market. 

Even better, the performance pads allow you to control each of the channels in your sound system, so you can be the best with your sound systems.

Instant Loop Encoder

Looping has never been so easy with the Numark Scratch. Press the encoder down, it will automatically loop using the default parameters. Want to shorten the loop or make it longer? Turn the knob left or right and it will be done. Yes, it’s easier.


  • Best DVS Experience
  • Variety Of Features
  • Free Serato DJ Pro 
  • High-Quality crossfader
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Post effects with the Serato DJ Pro


  • Not a single control for vinyl
  • No line fader reverse
  • Only one-color pad

My Overall Thoughts

Okay so I’ve been using the Numark Scratch for a while for this review. And there are plenty of things that I loved about it and some things that I didn’t. So, here’s what I think about the Numark Scratch. 

The experience of using this mixer is excellent. Although I had added my own control vinyl, I do not regret buying this machine at all after working with this. At this price, this mixer provides a lot more than anyone could expect. 

However, the lack of line fader reverse did disappoint me a lot. I mean there are a lot of features in this product, and most of them will be left unused by regular DJs. 

But the line fader reverse is essential and to be honest, I take that as a “for-granted” feature for every mixer I buy. Never thought that I would have to look for this feature as a specialty in mixers.

If you want to use this mixer without software, the middle section will be of no use to you. By providing a software license, Numark has made their mixer a lot more dependent on the Serato DJ Pro. 

For a two-channel mixer with no effects, the Numark Scratch is quite an expensive machine. So I suggest using the software to get the mixer’s full potential.

Finally, I would like to say that this machine is a value-for-money deal for DJs. Not everyone can afford a $1500 mixer and no one wants a poor quality machine for their professional works. 

The Serato DJ Pro allows it to use in almost every situation and the mixer is worth the price. Even for home usage, this mixer is a good option to start with.


After reading this article, I hope you have a clear idea about the Numark Scratch. It is a good choice for everyone and performs well against its price. The value for the price is good, and I will definitely recommend it for all the beginners and professional DJs out there. Wish you the best mixer experience with the Numark Scratch.

Thanks for reading till the end. Hope this article has helped you decide whether the Numark Scratch is for you or not. Best of luck with your DJ career.

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