7 Reasons Why I Use an Entry Level DJ Controller

As you try to take on DJing as something you do professionally, the large and overly expensive equipment that most DJs use can feel very daunting. But, in reality, you do not need all that to become a good DJ. 

Here, I will list the reasons why I personally use entry-level DJ controllers so you can see for yourself that you don’t need super expensive gear.

There are a ton of really good reasons to stick to a DJ controller for beginners even on a professional level. Like, they are cheaper, allows greater mobility, and helps you focus more without shoving a ton of useless features on your face. It isn’t mandatory to have the most expensive or the most lavish gear to be good at DJing. It is about how you use it. 

Just saying that you can be good with entry-level gear might not have been enough to convince you. So, read ahead, because I will list and explain 7 reasons why I use a DJ controller for beginners even at professional levels.

Reasons Why I Use A DJ Controller for Beginners

Here are some reasons why I find myself using beginner-grade DJ controllers more often than pro ones.

1. It’s Way Cheaper

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Yes, using an inexpensive beginner DJ controller definitely saves a lot more money than using large costly setups. These large and lavish setups have become almost an industry standard these days in DJing. But I am here to tell you otherwise.

Using an entry-level controller will save you money and this extra budget will let you have more opportunities which I will explain in the later points. But, most importantly, choosing this option means you have a much easier time entering this line of work as you would be able to afford gear much easier. The barrier to entry is dropped now.

2. Adds A Ton of Mobility

Beginner tier DJ controllers are usually very small machines. Small to the point where some snobbish pros even call these mere toys. There’s a fair bit of elitism and some DJs think that the only way to become a reputable DJ is to have huge turntables and vinyl records.

Small controllers however are very easy to carry, you can fit the whole controller in a small suitcase or a backpack whereas larger expensive gear needs to be carried in multiple containers. An easy-to-carry setup helps you move around and work much more easily.

Whether the show is in your hometown or overseas, you will not have any problem carrying your gear as it is compact and fits in a very small place. It even helps you set up on stage, some DJs have such huge gear that their setup doesn’t even fit in smaller stages. But, with an entry-level DJ controller, you do not need to worry about these things

3. Flexibility in Setups

A small DJ controller for beginners is both compact and affordable. This gives you a lot of leeway in both budget and space you get to work with. And now with this abundance of space and budget, you get to experiment with your setup a lot more.

Most DJs would just stick to their overly large and expensive turntable and call it a day. But, you now get to do a lot more, maybe add more gear, an instrument, or extra effects pads. Or even have multiple controllers at the same time.

You have a lot of potential for what you now can do with your setup. So, experiment and find out what works out for you both technically and stylistically. No one can capture your individuality so this is a wonderful way to add a bit more of your personality to your sessions.

4. Easy to Keep Multiple

It goes without saying that entry level DJ controllers are quite inexpensive. The price of one very high-level turntable can buy you multiple of these controllers. And what I am saying is that you should buy multiple down the line.

Having one or two extra controllers helps you in emergencies such as your daily driver malfunctioning. You can keep different ones that do different things better so you have even more experimenting potential. 

With turntables and expensive DJ gear, it can cost you a huge fortune to get a second setup. And most people are not ready to spend that much on something they will not use regularly. This way you don’t even have to rely on what the clubs and venues might provide you.

5. Decreases Technical Difficulties

Expensive gears are a bunch of parts put together. Controllers, turntables, a bunch of vinyl records, and a lot of other stuff. A lot of gear means a lot of possible points of failure. You can be just one bad wire or one scratched record away from a ruined show.

Now, if you have a controller like the Hercules DJ DJ Control Compact that is just this one compact unit, you have much fewer possible chances of failure. And in the cases where it does fail, you probably will have a backup unit ready as I have said previously. Decreasing technical difficulties is key to making your sessions smoother.

6. Helps You Focus on Improving

With a very expensive thing in your hand, you are always scared that you might break or damage it so you handle it with extra caution. This same thing happens when you get a fancy turntable and you are scared that you might break it any time. This leads to you not experimenting and figuring out how every little thing works.

But as a DJ you should know your gear like the back of your own hand. With an inexpensive piece of gear, you are not afraid to break it easily and you get to experiment and find out all the nuances of that device.

This getting to know your gear helps you improve your actual skills much better. With expensive turntables, you end up always tweaking things so it’s hard to focus on your actual skills. A beginner DJ controller helps you keep your entire focus on your skills.

7. Opportunity for Surprises

You go to the venue of your session and set up your gear. The audience comes in and they expect a huge turntable with multiple vinyl records and a bunch of other stuff. But, instead, they see with your small entry-level DJ controller. Now, if you do well this creates a very welcome surprise.

You can surprise both your audience and your peers by doing the same things everyone does with a small controller. In reality, the extra perks the costly gear gets you, you don’t need them almost ever. And most DJs don’t end up using those things either. So, it is very much possible to keep up and surpass others with your amateur tier inexpensive gear.

You can focus on your skills and surprise everyone by doing great things with the small piece of gear some would consider a toy. This wow factor will enhance your show very much.


As you can see entry level DJ controllers are quite efficient and capable whether you are a novice or an experienced DJ. Not only do they put less pressure on your bank account to get on with DJing but they also are super portable which is why even many professional DJs such as myself still use them today.

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