Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 Review – Everything You Need To Know

As a DJ, you obviously want to buy the best DJ speaker for your budget. If you search for the best budget DJ speaker on google, there is a good chance that you will be stumbled upon the Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 DJ speaker.

In this short review, I will try my best to explain everything about this DJ speaker which includes the specs, features, pros, and cons. I will try to explain why you might want to buy this DJ speaker and after reading through this review, you hopefully will make the right decision.

A Brief Overview

If you are on a tight budget, then the DBR series of Yamaha is undoubtedly the best choice for your DJing career. The best thing about the DBR series is that Yamaha did not sacrifice the sound quality of this speaker to meet up with the budget. Of course, this speaker comes with some obvious drawbacks but we will talk about them in a moment.

Inside the cabinet, you will find some acoustic batting material. These materials are applied there to help slow down the airwaves that are coming out of the porting on that cabinet. This costs a little extra, but this is the best way to build a loudspeaker to get the best possible sound outcome. 

There is even foam tape around the woofer area, the grill, and in between the extrusions. So, this will eliminate all the possibilities of buzz, vibration, or leakage of air. This will give you the best crisp sound output. Even the wiring inside the cabinet is wrapped in foam!

The compression driver compresses the sound that goes through it and then the sound comes through the horn to give that even coverage you are looking for out in the crowd.

The cone of the whopper is not completely flat. It has a curvilinear design that allows the cone to be even stiffer to give you the maximum sound pressure level keeping the distortion at a minimum. So, in short, this is probably the best speaker that you can buy at this price.


Best Design for the buck: This speaker comes with a very attractive flat design on the front. The front side of this speaker has two poles that are sticking out. This will resist all sorts of bent damage which happens very frequently on big-sized speakers.

Overall, the design of this speaker is rugged and strong. This speaker probably has the most user-friendly design for the price.  

Good weight distribution and portable: The weight distribution of this speaker is fantastic. This speaker provides the quality sound output and also weighs pretty low. For a DJ, this is quite important because DJs usually go to various concerts carrying their speakers.

Despite being a 1000 watts power amplifier, it weighs barely over a few pounds. The credit for this power to weight ratio goes to the switching technology. This was impossible just a few years ago.  

But keep in mind that there is no handle at the top. There are handles on the sides of the speaker which makes carrying this speaker pretty easy.

Great Sound quality: After tweaking and editing your track, the sound this speaker produces is amazing. This speaker provides very deep lows, you are going to feel like there is a subwoofer in there.

Despite the lower wattage on this speaker, the bass is not lacking at all. The bass response of this speaker will truly shock you.

Best internal durability: The amplifier chassis of this speaker is completely self-contained. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even a wire to connect the amplifier chassis with the loudspeaker. They connect via a connector. For more to know read our Passive vs. Powered Speakers.

The idea behind this unique design is it protects the amplifier chassis from the vibrating part of the loudspeaker. This allows you to get the maximum power you are looking for.

Provides long term service warranty: The amplifier module is very easily serviceable if it needs to be and you can also change it but Yamaha provides a super long warranty of seven years on these speakers. This is really impressive considering the price you are paying. 

Fantastic heat dissipation: Any professional DJ will tell you that the worst thing for a speaker is heat. And you want to get rid of any sort of heat as quickly as possible.

The amplifier has a cooling fan that helps that module to cool down quickly. Loudspeakers without a cooling fan cause some functional anomalies whereas this module doesn’t.

There is a hole directly through the whopper so that the hole could vent off any heat that is built-up in the loudspeaker. All in all, the heat dissipation of this speaker is very good for the price. It gives an edge to the speaker for outdoor DJing.


  • Best value for the price product.
  • The output of power is fantastic.
  • Handling this speaker is very easy.
  • There is a built-in mixer.
  • Smooth and firm sound quality in lows and highs.
  • Unbelievable heat dissipation.
  • It can be used as a monitor.


  • Build quality is not as good as those high-end speakers.
  • Pole-mount isn’t included.


If you cannot extend your budget, then Yamaha DBR Series DBR15 is undoubtedly one of the best choices for DJing if not the best choice. For that price, you will get fantastic sound quality with proper heat dissipation which is rare for other speakers. You can pick this speaker for your next show without any hesitation. 

I sincerely hope this review helped you to understand the basics of this speaker and if you should buy it or not. I wish you the best of luck for your DJing career.

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